Gutter parts Installation

Using the right gutter parts is very important in extending the life of your gutter system. Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters, but understanding the importance of installing high quality parts may prevent you some costly repair bills down the road.

Gutter Hangers

Gutter hangers are brackets that interlock into the front and back of the gutter and are then screwed into the fascia under the drip edge flashing. For standard fascia gutter installations, gutter hangers, sometimes called hidden hangers, should be installed every 24 inches. In the colder climates, you may encounter heavy ice and snow loads in the gutter. This extra weight will require hangers every 12 to 18 inches.

Gutter Screws

The gutter screws used for fastening the gutter hangers to the fascia board should be #10 x 1.5" or # 10 x 2" long cadmium, zinc or stainless steel wood grip and have a hex head for use with a 1/4" nut driver.

If you have an older home with gutters, they were most likely installed with the spike and ferrule method. A type of gutter installation in which a metal cylinder or tube is placed inside the gutter to strengthen it and keep it from bending. The spike is driven through the face of the gutter, through the ferrule and into the wood fascia board.

While the gutter spike and ferrule method was the standard for years, most gutter installation companies have changed to some form of the gutter hanger with a screw anchoring method.

Splash Guards

Gutter splash guards must be installed on all inside corners, or anywhere two roof lines meet to form a valley. The valley acts to concentrate a higher volume of water (from both roof sections) in one channel leading down to the intersection of two gutters. Splash guards prevent the rain water from over shooting the gutter.

Gutter Sealant

A very important aspect of the gutter installation is the gutter sealant used for the corners and endcaps. All corners and end caps must be completely sealed.

I use Ruscoe (self leveling) Nitrile Rubber gutter sealant. This sealant is resistant to all climate conditions, fungus, many acids, salt and many chemicals. It Forms a permanent, flexible bond that will withstand below zero temperatures and extreme heat.

Gutter Coil

Five inch seamless aluminum gutter coil, primarily made from .027 aluminum alloy, is roll formed with a gutter machine at the job site. Look for a minimum of 20 year prorated warranty against corrosion, blistering, peeling or flaking.

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