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large metal overhang 
My metal carport has a 7 1/2 inch overhang. How can I attach the 5 inch gutter to the c-perling ? Thanks !

Catching valley's flow off diagonal roof 
A dormer over our front door diverts rain to the dormer's sides, from where it proceeds down the slope of the main roof. On the left side I think I can …

Gutter End Cap 
Where can I find a suitable replacement for the plastic left end cap. It's off a rectangular metal gutter.

do you screw the drip edge to the flashing? 
We had new gutters installed. the installer screwed the existing drip edge to the the back of the gutters. I am still getting water coming down the back …

Metal Barn with greater than normal overhang 
Please provide an image of vampire hanger and anti-rotational strap on metal roof with greater than 2 inch overhang. I am trying to DIY but am a visual …

Leveling "ponds" in steel gutters. 
I am seeking a self-leveling liquid sealant type product to level the water path inside of my gutters, so that the gutters empty rapidly after it rains. …

Our gutters on our condo are always overflowing. The gutters were installed level. What can be done to fix this condition?

uneven gutter splash guard 
Is there a splash guard product to place where one gutter has a cut-out and falls into another gutter that's beneath? It's where a valley comes down and …

Gutters on metal building installed with no slope 
Help I have gutters on a metal roofed commercial building that are holding water. The back of the gutters are attached to the under side of the metal …

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