Gutters on metal building installed with no slope

by James Smith
(Vilonia, AR, USA)

Help I have gutters on a metal roofed commercial building that are holding water. The back of the gutters are attached to the under side of the metal roof overhang and the fronts are attached with 12" long hangers made of roofing metal ribs that lay over the roof rib and extend out to the inside lip of gutter front. This idea is very uniform but does not flow the final water to the two downspouts that are inset from the ends about 12' to 15'. There is 25' or 30' between the two downspouts. I don't see a way to create fall .

I just had to reattach the back in the middle section as it got overloaded due to one downspout being clogged. The gutter back pulled right off the screws that hang it from the roof metal.

I suppose the two downspouts cold be shimmed down and inch or so then have a custom shim at each mounting point.

Also wondering if a flowable leveling material could work to create Internal high points at the ends and the center. Thinking this would seal the leaks too.



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Aug 31, 2013
Gutters installed on a metal building
by: Jim

I am familiar with the type of gutter system you speak of. Since this type of gutter system is usually an integral part of the metal building, it is not designed to enable the installer to slope the gutters so that they will function properly.

The other problem with this type of gutter system is that it was not designed so that gutter leaf screens can be installed. However, I have altered the expanded metal gutter leaf screens so that they may be used with this type system.

I am familiar with leveling compound used in aircraft maintenance applications. Leveling compound is generally used to fill low spots since it will seek its own level. Therefor I do not think it would help with your problem.

If this were my project, I would remove the type of gutter system you have and install a standard 5 inch K-style gutter system with 3x4 downspouts. This system should be professionally installed using a level, thus insuring a slope towards the downspouts.

Expanded metal gutter leaf screens can be easily installed to help prevent your downspouts from clogging. Remember, Just because you have installed gutter leaf screens, you still need to inspect your gutters on a regular basis and wash out the debris that makes it through the screens. You may also need to remove any debris that gets tangled up in the screens.

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