Ladders & Ladder Accessories

Since ladders and ladder accessories are important tools of the trade, lets spend a little time talking about the different types of ladders, ladder safty and ladder accessories.

The three main types of ladders used for gutter installation or repairs are stepladders, articulated ladders and extension ladders.

Some of the leading ladder producers are, Werner, Little Giant and Louisville ladders.  They manufacture ladders from wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

How to choose the right type of ladder

There are five categories of ladder Duty Ratings:

1. Type IAA (Extra Heavy Duty) 375 pounds


2. Type IA (Extra Heavy Duty) 300 pounds


3. Type I (Heavy Duty) 250 pounds


4. Type II (Medium Duty) 225 pounds


5. Type III (Light Duty) 200 pounds


Choose the right ladder for your work site environment. For example, if you are working near electrical wires, a metal ladder should not be used since aluminum is an electrical conductor.If your ladder Will be resting on an uneven surface, you should choose a ladder with adjustable legs or if there are obstructions in the path of your climb, you may choose an articulated ladder.

It's not safe to use a ladder that is too long or too short. When using a Step ladder, for example, standing on the top cap or the step below the top cap is not permitted due to the increased chances of losing your balance. When using an Extension Ladder, the top three rungs should not be used for climbing. an Extension Ladder is too long if the ladder extends more than 3 feet beyond the upper support point.

Consider the Duty Rating of the ladder. This is the maximum weight capacity the ladder can safely carry. To figure out the total amount of weight your ladder will be supporting, Add your Weight plus the Weight of Your Clothing and Protective Equipment, the Weight of Tools and Supplies You Are Carrying plusThe Weight of Tools and Supplies Stored on the Ladder. The Duty Rating of your ladder is on the specifications label which can be found on the side of every ladder.

Because of it's light weight, a six foot Step ladder is always my first choice when installing or repairing gutters on single story homes. A Stepladder requires the ground to be level so that all four legs are on the ground.

In areas where the ground is not level, a better choice would be an articulating ladder such as the  or the . Because of their adjustable increments, these ladders allow one side to be extended allowing for safe use on uneven surfaces. These multi-purpose or articulating ladders are really handy, combining the strengths of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and even scaffolding, all in one package.

For the two story jobs, I'll bring out the 24foot or 36 foot extension ladders. Usually these ladders will require some ladder accessories such as stand offs or Stabilizers. Some of these ladders also have adjustable leggs for uneven surfaces.

These Ladder accessories will make your job easier and safer

There are many types of ladders for different types of uses and there are also many types of ladder accessories that can add benefit to your ladders. Whether you have a, standard straight, multi purpose, folding, or an extension ladder you can always use ladder accessories to either add to your safety or help you better access your work area.

 are designed to snap over extension ladder rail end caps. These tough, flexible urethane foam pads keep the ladder rails from damaging surfaces. They also improve the surface grip and increase ladder safety by reducing the risk of sideways movement of the ladder. They fit both wood extension ladders and wood step ladders.

 allows you to add a leveler to your ladder whenever you need it. For ladder safety on uneven surfaces, ladder levelers can be used on Fiberglass or Aluminum ladders and is interchangeable from one ladder leg to the otherusing the Quick connect base.

 adds stability and safety to accessing gutters, down spouts, soffits, siding, and any situation where extra ladder stability is required. Attaches to any extension ladder with either a Spring-loaded locking latch or U-bolts & wing nuts. Made from light weight aluminum,

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